Welcome! Let's teach machines to learn "HOW?"

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Hey! Good Morning/Afternoon/Night, I'm Nikhilesh who is into exploring deep neural networks (which help in making machines smart).

I'm an introvert by heart, curious in nature and passionate to build.

This is a small introduction to who I am.

I think you got what I meant earlier, I'm into Artificial Intelligence.

If you didn't get it, then I'm here to demystify the exact meaning and show you how to get hands dirty in this field while I learn along with you.

I'm starting now to track my progress and be accountable to what I do.

To build consistency, I'm going to write a blog everyday for next 66 days. (fan of Ken Jee)

Feel free to give any kind of criticism. I'm here to learn, share and help.

(..... I'll update this post in future with better info .....)

Signing off Nikhilesh

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